Miami-Dade Health Insurance Resource Center for Public Assistance

This website is designed to give you the Miami resident the inside information about all things related to free health insurance or public assistance programs in Miami.  There are currently enough programs right now for nearly everyone in Miami to have proper health coverage!  In fact if you don’t have health coverage right now quite honestly you need to either call us at 888 803 5917 or go to our Miami health resource page. Miami health quotes is the only website that is dedicated to finding free health insurance coverage for the citizens of greater Miami-Dade that have been overlooked.  Our Florida health insurance website is also available for residents of Florida.

Health insurance is the right of every American, and whether you messed up in your past or you just tried to save a little money and then got sick you don’t deserve to have less care then anyone else.  Right now in this country, this is not the case and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon!  However you can make a difference by using our free service and studying this website.  Everyday new health plans and charitable organizations become available and we cannot stay abreast of all of them.  Thus we really hope that if you know of a public assistance plan in Florida that is not listed here that you please contact us or update the website by registering and posting.  Everyday we live  to say again soon that we saved another life.

This site to educate and liberate the people of Miami Dade.  Just because Washington isn’t getting it right has nothing to do with the 305.  So please help us by spreading the word of this website to your friends and family and if they know someone that needs insurance or health coverage that isn’t getting a fair shake let us help them.  We also have published a comprehensive list of Miami Health Resources from the Jackson Health System, to the individual primary care centers and the local Miami Medicaid Information.

Miami Health Insurance

Health insurance in Miami can be expensive, though there are some great post-health care reform options available for healthy individuals and families who live in Miami-Dade County that save qualifying residents tons of money. East Coast Health Insurance carries only the top companies in your city, including Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, Vista, UnitedHealth Care and AvMed, so if you’re in the market for a private plan we can help. If your price range is more limited, we can still help – hence compiling this local resource for health care coverage.

Depending on the insurance company you choose, you can get a plan that suits your budget much more comfortably than some of the major companies. We know that health insurance isn’t where Miami residents want to drop all their money, so we provide you with all the information you need to find a plan that will still allow room in your wallet to keep your ride sparkling down Collins Ave every weekend.

Don’t worry, we want you to read this page so we will be honest and entertaining.  You can even stop into our office and have a personal consultation with one of our agents, as we are right up the highway from Miami in the neighboring Broward County. East Coast Health Insurance is a Florida Health Insurance Brokerage located in Deerfield Beach, Florida in the Bank Atlantic Building right off of I-95 on Hillsboro Beach Blvd.

What makes us Unique?

East Coast Health Insurance is Florida’s number one health insurance broker and I can assure you that we are only one of a few elite Florida health insurance brokers that actually sell all eight of Florida’s major health insurance companies.  Why is this?  Firstly because the better Florida health insurance providers pay less commissions (much less!) and secondly because it is more paperwork then you can imagine.  We have done this because we put the Florida health insurance consumer first before our own needs.   We will never sell you a policy that we wouldn’t buy if we were you nor will we ever sell a policy that is a discount plan.  If someone tries to sell you a discount plan please kick them out of your house or hang up as there is never a reason to go this way.

Florida Public Assistance

We hope that you can use this site to Navigate the Free health plans available to you if you cannot afford health insurance or if you are in a precarious medical situation and can’t get approved for health insurance.  We advise you to not give up as there is so much help in Miami for you and indeed you even have a friend a two if you need it.  We hope if you do have health insurance and can afford it that you support your local free health programs to get us all coverage as we do.  Please  contribute to the Jackson health system as they are under more financial stress then Wall Street and they need your help!

Also if you have no other health insurance plans then now is the time to contact us as we will get you private coverage from a choice of 8 Florida and/or Miami South Florida health insurance companies.

For additional information and Florida Health Insurance Quotes or to speak with an insurance expert, please call 1-888-803-5917 or email us at quote@echealthinsurance.com

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